Think Pro Business Growth When Voting in Utah County


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Dear Citizens of Utah County:

The 2017 primary election ballots are in the mail. The election is held when more than two candidates have filed for the various city council and mayoral seats and the open Congressional seat Chaffetz vacated recently. With so many candidates to choose from, who should get your vote?  The Utah Valley Chamber would like to provide you with additional standards to consider while making your voting decisions.

Utah Valley is frequently identified as being among the best places in the country to do business.  These rankings do not come by accident.  In fact, a primary reason for these accolades is the business-friendly laws passed by our local, state and federal lawmakers.

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting legislation at all levels of government that strengthens and facilitates business growth.  We believe a strong economy results in a broader and deeper tax base, which helps fund our critical community needs such as economic development, education, transportation and public safety.

Multiple levels of the business community have been engaged in the development of our legislative priorities for 2017 and beyond.  They were developed initially by the Chamber’s Public Policy Committee and were ratified by the Board of Directors.

During this election cycle, we encourage Utah Valley citizens to vote for those candidates who support these business growth priorities.

Here are the principle-based legislative priorities:

Priorities for Economic Development

  1. Support measures to expedite the availability and sale of Tier-3 gasoline in Utah and the Wasatch Front as soon as possible.
  2. Refine the modeling for Division of Air Quality and EPA emissions standards that are currently inhibiting manufacturing companies from locating along the Wasatch Front.
  3. Encourage efforts intended to reduce diesel and gas emissions from mobile sources.
  4. Encourage education of energy-efficient solutions to be gained in homes, cars and commercial sites that are economically sound.
  5. Support the state-led visioning and strategic planning process to establish the Point of the Mountain area as an internationally acclaimed job center.
  6. Continued commitment for funding for carp removal from Utah Lake.
  7. Support the Utah Compact.

Priorities for Education

  1. Partner with industry to promote and fund STEM initiatives.
  2. Fully fund growth and Weighted Pupil Unit and invest in targeted educational needs.
  3. Support compensation increases for education employees.

Priorities for Transportation

  1. Preserve existing sources of transportation funding.
  2. 1-15 upgrades in Utah County; SR-92 interchange fast tracked/funded with bonding and Orem 8th South interchange
  3. Support local and county transportation funding efforts.

Priorities for Federal Land

  1. Pursue a Declaratory Judgment requiring the Federal Government to fulfill its obligation of the Utah Enabling Act of 1894.

Priorities for Water and Related Infrastructure

  1. Urge water conservation to meet Governor’s goal of a 25% drop in current use by 2025.
  2. Protect water-funding sources necessary to meet expected growth.
  3. Allow accrual of reserve funds to pay for replacement of aging water delivery systems.
  4. Keep the State Engineer as the general administrator and superior of the state’s water supply and adequately fund water law administration.

The Utah Valley Chamber is proud to be the voice of business in Utah Valley.  We are actively engaged in policy issues to represent the thousands of businesses located in our growing and prosperous region.  With the help of lawmakers of all government levels, we hope to continue to be the best place in the country to live, learn, work and play.

Note:   Ballots will be mailed to all active registered voters on July 25. Registered voters that have not received a ballot or have misplaced the ballot should contact the Utah County Election Office at 801-851-8123. To ensure their ballot was received, voters will be able to track their returned ballot online at  Voters are encouraged to visit to verify that they are registered to vote and that their mailing address is listed correctly.

To view the Chamber’s Public Policy Guide in its entirety, click here.