Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and Leaders for Clean Air Partner on Business Lead Clean Air Initiative

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Provo, UT – September 16, 2019- The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and Leaders for Clean Air announced a partnership today to improve Utah County’s air quality. Through this partnership, Leaders for Clean Air has joined the Utah Valley Chamber. The Utah Valley Chamber encourages business leaders to meet with Leaders for Clean Air to learn how they can make a positive impact on Utah County’s Air quality and receive free electric vehicle charging stations.

“Utah County’s business leaders are committed to improving air quality throughout the Valley. Through this partnership, we are making a posit

ive impact on reducing pollution and ensuring cleaner air and higher quality of life for everyone in our community,” says Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Rona Rahlf.

Many businesses in Utah County have already made significant investments in air quality initiatives including Ancestry, doTERRA, and Harley Davidson.

“By the end of 2019 Leaders for Clean air will have successfully displaced over 129 million pounds of Co2 by installing over 1,000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations,” says Leaders for Clean Air Director of Business Operation, Britton Bettridge.

Leaders for Clean Air works with businesses to bring about change. For more information on how you can take action today visit http://leadersforcleanair.org/.

“We attribute our great success to Rocky Mountain Power and their rebate program along with the thousands of dollars UCAIR has donated to the cause to improve air quality. We expect to continue to displace many more pounds of Co2 to help improve health in the community and sustainability for businesses like doTERRA.” says Bettridge.

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce is a community of members that supports and advocates for its member businesses and promotes a healthy and robust business environment in Utah County.

Inversions can’t be prevented, but pollution can. Leaders for Clean air is committed to improving Utah’s air quality by providing free electric vehicle charging stations to Utah businesses, implementing large-scale electric charger projects, and promoting the benefits of electric vehicle technology. Supported by local business leaders who recognize that workplace charging is the key to bending the curve on electric vehicle adoption, Leaders for Clean Air believes in making a positive impact on pollution levels to ensure cleaner air and a higher quality of life for all Utahns.  A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Leaders for Clean Air was launched in January 2015. Since then, LFCA has partnered with Rocky Mountain Power and UCAIR, expanding its efforts significantly. Board members are Packsize International CEO Hanko Kiessner, Utah Paperbox president and board of Utah Clean Cities, Steve Keyser, and 3Form CEO Talley Goodson.

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