Vineyard’s concrete jungle: How a Utah developer is turning concrete and slag into roads, schools and parks

VINEYARD, Utah (Dec. 3, 2018) – One of Utah’s busiest concrete recyclers is a Geneva project—but not the one you’d expect.

Land developer Anderson Geneva has pulled out nearly 200,000 cubic yards of concrete from the site of the former Geneva Steel plant, which it purchased in 2005. That amount is enough to fill about 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools and provide plenty of clean space with homes, shops, restaurants and offices on the 1,700-acre @geneva master-planned community in Vineyard.

While it proved challenging to dig up and crush tons of old concrete, it was even more challenging to figure out how to dispose of it, said Stewart Park, project manager for @geneva.

“After a lot of research and an exhaustive bidding process, we were able to process much of the crushed concrete for re-use,” said Park. “Some of the uses of the material include road base, back fill and engineered fill for major buildings and other construction projects in Utah Valley, including those by BYU, the LDS church, UTA, Lehi High School and Mountain View High School. Our favorite project in which our processed concrete was recycled is Orem City’s All Together playground, which focuses on benefiting children with disabilities.”

Anderson Geneva and its concrete-crushing arm will continue to recycle old concrete for the next three years or so—about the amount of time it will take to dig up the remaining 550,000 cubic yards found mainly in the industrial-zoned northwest quadrant of the live/work/play development.

Concrete is not the only material for which Anderson Geneva has been able to find a second home. The developer has also recycled many of the remnants of the former steel mill, including over 4 million tons of steel-making byproduct slag that was processed and used for much of the base for the I-15 CORE project. Geneva slag was also used for road base and embankments for the 800 North extension, dubbed the Vineyard Connector, which will connect residents from Northern Utah County to Vineyard. Slag continues to be mined and processed from the site, with thousands of cubic yards being moved and used for various road and infrastructure projects along the Wasatch Front.

About @geneva

@geneva, a project of Anderson Development, is a 1,700-acre master-planned mixed-use community in Vineyard, Utah. Learn more about one of the country’s premier live/work/play developments at

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