Piece of ceramic nostalgia prompts growing crafty business

LULUWhen sisters come together on a great entrepreneurial venture, amazing things can happen, especially when your company appeals to friends gathered for a girl’s night out, moms trying to plan birthday parties, CEOs looking to treat employees to an afternoon off-site activity or even growing businesses looking to expand their clientele.

Kathy Anderson and her sister Shessann Logue have discovered a business that appeals to that wide range of customers. Meet the co-owners of Lulu’s Crafty Corner.

These two sisters have fond memories from their youth of Saturday afternoons spend with their favorite aunt at their local ceramics shop painting and creating beloved treasures. It was the recent discovery of one of their favorite childhood ceramics – a Santa in a Hot Tub Candy Dish – that prompted Kathy and Shessann to launch Lulu’s Crafty Corner.

Looking to launch a new business, the sisters researched the numbers and possibilities of the ceramics craft shops of their childhood memories and decided to open Lulu’s Crafty Corner in Payson in 2016.

Rather than locate a space in a strip mall, Anderson and Logue opened their shop in a remodeled home on the main road, 100 West, in Payson. “It’s a cute little house,” Anderson said. “It feels homey – somewhere people feel comfortable and at home. It’s very cute and I get compliments all the time.” The clean, contemporary location features bright-white wall, dark floors and ‘50s-style diner tables for the workstations.

To further compliment the homey feel, Lulu’s Crafty Corner serves up warm cookies, fresh out of the oven – chocolate chip and salted caramel chocolate chip. “When people come and paint we bake cookies for them. Something fun to do,” Anderson said.


Shessann Logue (left) and Kathy Anderson run Lulu’s Craft Corner that now has locations in both Payson and Provo.

After two years of success in Payson, Lulu’s Crafty Corner expanded to its second location on Center Street in Provo. “We figured if we can survive in Payson, we can survive anywhere.”

Some of the tricks to success for Lulu’s has been centered around the fact that “you cannot look at your phone and paint at the same time,” Anderson said. “People will actually turn off their phones most of the time they are here painting.”

Painting also has way of prompting great conversation. When you aren’t nose-down in your phone, conversations start flowing. “It’s a great way to reconnect with kids, friends, spouses and even employees,” Anderson said, sharing a sweet comment from a mom who said her 13-year-old daughter had opened up to her and shared things she’d never tell her mom at home over dinner. “Parents get to talk to their families again.”

While Lulu’s Crafty Corner is an obvious destination for that girl’s night out or birthday party, it has also become a great option for customer appreciation days, employee parties and more. Hosting up to 50 people, Anderson has found that realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and other similar professionals love hosting client parties at Lulu’s. Not only do their customers have a great afternoon creating a piece of art they’ll enjoy for years to come, but the realtor or insurance agent gets to know their customers better, and even gets referrals for future clients.

With more than 600 different ceramic craft options to choose from – some vintage molds dating back to 1955 — Lulu’s Crafty Corner is a great destination for a wonderful afternoon of creativity – whether as a walk-in customer, an HR director looking for a great bonding activity or a mom looking for an easy birthday party option.

For more information about Lulu’s Crafty Corner, or to reserve a party, log on to www.luluscraftycorner.com or call or text 801-609-8231.

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