Declan Roe: Clothing for a Cause Catches Immediate Traction

1000x250 Pixels.jpg

Provo, Utah: Declan Roe is a local children’s boutique website that donates 15% of its profits to families struggling with the rising cost of adoption/IVF due to infertility. In less than two months of business, Declan Roe has exploded, and has already pledged $5,000 to the annual infertility auction hosted by its non-profit partner on September 8th.

Customers are raving about their experiences:

“It can’t get better than this darling shop!” – Angie D.;

“Declan Roe is THE place to shop for children’s clothing”- Liz M.; “Cute Clothes + Giving Back = Huge WIN”- Angie D.

With cute clothes, free/fast shipping, amazing customer service, and of course, giving back, it is almost impossible not to love this company!

About Declan Roe: Declan Roe was started by a family that had personal experience with the devastating effects of infertility. Upon seeing the extremely high costs of adoption and IVF, they wanted to help others that were going through similar, difficult experiences. With Declan Roe, they are able to fulfill that dream.

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