Business Spotlight May 2018: Blendtec

Blending form and function
Blendtec’s founder continually strives for improved innovation
It all started with an inferior wedding present. When inventor and entrepreneur Tom Dickson and his wife got married in 1968, like most newlywed couples, they received a blender as a wedding present. That thoughtful gift didn’t last long, however, prompting the ever-inventive Dickson to begin tinkering, seeking out ways to improve this common kitchen appliance.
Amid his tinkering, Tom, a BYU Manufacturing Engineering graduate, first turned his attention to another kitchen appliance — a wheat grinder. The Kitchen Mill, weighing just eight pounds, launched in 1975 and produced flour twice as fast and twice as fine as a 60-pound stone mill. Capitalizing on the success of The Kitchen Mill, Tom continued on to then invent the Mix N’ Blend, an all-in-one kitchen mixer and blender that mixed four times as much dough as competitors and out-blended other commercial blenders.
Blendtec-Chef775-ImageWith the rise in popularity of smoothie shops in the ‘90s, Tom refocused his attention back on the blender, eventually creating the Blendtec Total Blender. Today, Tom’s company boasts more than a dozen different residential and commercial Blendtec models that are used in businesses and homes in more than 90 countries.
Over the years, Tom has been credited for creating a number of blending firsts, including the first self-serve smoothie machine, one-touch pre-programmed settings, and the quietest high-powered commercial blender available. In addition to his drive to continuously improve his blender designs, launching new models and accessories on an ongoing basis, Tom gained notoriety for his viral, CLIO award-winning “Will It Blend?” video series, where he would pulverize everything from the latest iPhone to a wooden broom handle, all to prove the speed, durability and power of his invention.
Establishing his company in Orem more than 40 years ago, Tom is extremely proud to proclaim that not only are his blenders manufactured here in the USA, they are also made right here in Utah Valley.
“We made a commitment early on to have the highest-quality products without sacrificing a good environment for our employees,” Tom said. “Supporting our local economy and employee base is at the top of our priority list. In return, we have a wonderful and loyal employee force who truly care about what they do.”
Blendtec constantly strives to make a difference by creating more jobs and bringing quality manufacturing back to the USA. Today, Tom is still actively involved in the day-to-day operations at Blendtec in his roles as founder and chief engineer. He is a prominent figure in the community and in 2014 donated $2 million toward the construction of The Museum of Natural Curiosity. As recognition and appreciation for his contribution, the museum’s education arm will be named The Dickson Academy of Curiosity.
To learn more about Blendtec or to search for delicious and healthy recipes, visit

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