Utah Valley Chamber Business of the Month: Weaver Business Coaching

PROVO, UT- February 5, 2018 The Utah Valley Chamber Ambassadors, the welcoming arm of the chamber, are proud to announce their February Business of the Month recipient; Weaver Business Coaching. The Chamber Ambassadors awarded Weaver Business Coaching at the Utah Valley Chamber office on Thursday, February 1. 

“Keith Weaver (Weaver Business Coaching’s CEO and Founder) has helped many new chamber members navigate their first year within the organization successfully,” said Utah Valley Chamber Business Development Executive, Kate Bowcut. “In fact, he has mentored chamber members for over two years!”

“Keith is consistent and engaged,” said Habitat for Humanity Director, Kena Mathews, “He is a fun person to work with and you can count on him to get things done. That is why we asked him to be our Chamber Ambassador Mentor Chair! He does a great job.”

“We can’t thank Keith enough for the time and energy he has contributed to our chamber,” said Bowcut. “He truly deserves this award and we are excited to recognize him and celebrate his accomplishments.”



About the Business of the Month Award:

The Business of the Month award recipient is chosen by the Utah Valley Chamber Ambassadors. Businesses who earn the award, are given a large Business of the Month sign to display in front of their business. They are also awarded a certificate at a Utah Valley Chamber event. To get involved with the Utah Valley Chamber, visit www.thechamber.org


About the Utah Valley Chamber:

The Chamber is a group of member businesses working to build the communities we serve. We are established as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Our governing body is the Board of Directors made up of volunteer business leaders from throughout Utah Valley.


For more information contact:

Amandi Heperi



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