Utah Valley Chamber December Business Spotlight: Eide Bailly

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Hawkins-Eide Bailly union creates largest CPA firm in Utah

When it comes to companies in Utah County, the name Hawkins is not only well known, but for the past 66 years, the Orem accounting firm is a known institution of success.

That long-established Hawkins name, however, was recently changed to the nationally recognized Eide Bailly (pronounced “I’d Bay-lee”). A union between the companies opened up incredible opportunities for the highly-regarded local firm, said Eide Bailly Partner Josh Rowley, a third-generation partner in the original Hawkins firm. “We saw that there was a gap in our ability to handle large clients,” he said. “Now, by joining Eide Bailly, we become a firm of choice for larger companies that are growing out of the local-only firms.”

Eide Bailly, one of the nation’s largest CPA firms with 33 offices in 14 states and nearly 2,000 professionals, opens up the ability to work with additional clients who have more complex needs like international, multi-state and industry-specific taxes filings.

“We saw the need to support Utah Valley businesses in a different way,” Rowley said. “Now we can bring a higher level of resources and expertise to the county.”

Eide Bailly is now the first firm with offices throughout northern Utah, including Ogden, Salt Lake, Lehi and their Orem office. With Hawkins joining in October 2017, Eide Bailly is now the largest CPA firm in Utah.

In addition to the expanded tax services, Eide Bailly is also known for their award-winning culture. With offices throughout the country, employees now have more upward career opportunities.For example. a Brigham Young University graduate who begins their career in the Orem office has tremendous opportunity to specialize as well as eventually move to one of the other locations across the country.

Another advantage of the union is being recognized through the world-class training opportunities and resources, Rowley said. The tools, too, have also improved as the entire workforce is now completely mobile, able to meet with their clients on-site.

Plans to join Eide Bailly began seven years ago, a plan outlined to better serve the bourgeoning tech community. “At the time, we felt that the tech and fast-growing business community didn’t have a solid option,” Rowley said. Now the CPA firm is able to serve the tech industry as well as their other specialties in the manufacturing, medical and construction fields.

Other specialties now available to Utah County businesses include cyber security, expertise in Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and extensive bookkeeping services.

“Take all this together and we are a firm that can simultaneously do a Salesforce implementation while providing international tax work and cyber security,” Rowley said. “Companies don’t have to go out of state for these services. We are a one-stop shop. That’s a big deal for businesses. It knocks down a lot of constraints for growing companies.”

With a 66-year tradition of CPA services in Orem, Eide Bailly is planning on not only maintaining their active Utah Valley presence, but increasing their foothold in the community. “We plan to double in size,” Rowley said. “Our goal is to be the accounting firm of choice for companies that are $200 million and more in revenue.”

Excited about the planned growth, Rowley said the firm is ready to be proactive in helping Utah grow, Utah County specifically. “We want to generate tide, not just ride the wave, with our presence,” he said. “All boats will rise as we bring these resources into the business community here.”



For more information, visit the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce website at www.thechamber.org or contact the chamber staff office at 801-851-2555.

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