Utah Marketing Company Uncovers the Balance of Art & War

Utah Marketing Company Uncovers the Balance of Art & War

Woodrow Studios and Rivetal merge to form new marketing agency

OREM, UTAH—October 17, 2017—In a quest to find the perfect balance of art and war in a new marketing company, Matt Frisbie, CEO of Woodrow Studios announces the merger of his strategy marketing company with Rivetal, a creative agency owned by partners Derek Kopp, Jeff Jolley and Jed Ivie. The new company, known as Art & War, is located in the Silicon Slopes region of Utah.

Woodrow Studios has been providing strategic solutions for brands since 2006. Rivetal has been in the creative space since 2002, providing innovative execution for some of Utah’s most prominent companies as well as Hollywood studios.


Jeff Jolley (from left) Derek Kopp, Matt Frisbie and Jed Ivie are the partners of the newly formed Art & War agency, the combining of two Utah County companies, Woodrow Studios and Rivetal.

Naming the new agency presented a rare opportunity for Woodrow Studios and Rivetal.

“There are very few opportunities in business to name your company in a way that describes what you do, and have it be emotionally compelling at the same time,” said Kopp. “For us, Art & War is the perfect fit. Some people love it, and some people don’t love it, but for the people who do, we can do great things.”

“I want the agency to be polarizing,” said Frisbie. “The best marketing draws a line in the sand. Our best clients get it. They know that it’s a balance of art and war. It’s polarizing, and I’m OK with that.”

The decision to merge Woodrow Studios and Rivetal into Art & War became a logical decision for Frisbie. 

“Woodrow Studios and Rivetal were already in meetings five days a week. It was silly that we weren’t one company. Rivetal had the fastest turnaround time and the highest quality of work. The biggest thing for me was that they were solving problems with us,” Frisbie said.

Art & War has chosen to differentiate itself by deciding which clients to align with based on whether they are the best fit for each other. A high level of customer and client comfort is required for Art & War to do its best work for new clients.

“An ideal client for Art & War would be one who recognizes that the status quo isn’t good enough,” said Kopp. “We’re looking for companies that are open to new ideas, and that have the resources to do something bold and the courage to use those resources.”

Art & War is located in the epicenter of the Silicon Slopes in Utah County to best leverage the atmosphere of the state. 

“Utah is an entrepreneurial dream come true. People here are looking at the world differently, and you can feel it in the air,” Frisbie said, “It’s exciting. They’re ready.”

For more information on Art & War, visit www.artwaragency.com.

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