Dear Chamber Members,

The Alpine School District Athletic Director has notified us about a scam that we wanted you to be aware of.
 There is a company out of Texas named Touchdown Sports that is contacting our local businesses soliciting sponsorships as part of a fundraising scam. It involves a business paying Touchdown Sports a certain amount of money to have their name printed on shirts that will be handed out at halftimes of different high school games. They are doing this without any contact with our schools.
They are claiming that they have approval from Alpine high school coaches and even use the name of the coach in their telephone conversations with the businesses. The company does print up some shirts which are sent to the school. The school has no idea about the fundraiser. They have contacted Touchdown Sports and asked them to stop this practice. The school has also filed complaints with the Texas Better Business Bureau and the FTC.
The Alpine School District is currently contacting all of their city business resources centers and Chambers of Commerces that fall with the Alpine School District area asking for help in making our local business aware of this scam and to not participate in it.
Be aware and careful.
The Utah Valley Chamber

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