FluentWorlds Partners with Topica to Bring English Language Learning to Southeast Asia


Topica and FluentWorlds to introduce 4.9-rated English speaking app as Ivy Native 3D  to teach English language skills through immersion from one’s smartphone

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Hanoi, Vietnam—April 13, 2017—FluentWorlds, provider of the world’s most sophisticated and flexible 3D/VR platform for language immersion, and Topica EdTech Group, a leading online education provider in Southeast Asia, today announced their partnership to introduce their jointly produced product — Topica Ivy Native 3D — allowing thousands of students to learn to speak the English language in a 3D context.

Topica Ivy Native 3D teaches English language skills in 3D environments. It engages learners through the most effective means possible — immersive, real-life experiences delivered via video game technology in 55 different virtual environments. The product also offers proprietary Voice Recognition that gives students immediate feedback on the phoneme level.

“We are honored to work with Southeast Asia’s top online educational institution — Topica,” said David Bradford, FluentWorld’s CEO. “They are a forward-looking institution that is bringing their students the best and brightest new technologies.”

Tuan Pham, Topica’s CEO, said, “We are very excited about this partnership with FluentWorlds. Their combination of powerful pedagogy with gamification, unique 3D graphics and real-time speech recognition will create a very engaging learning environment for our students.”

Dr. Linda Bradford, founder and chief product officer of FluentWorlds, added, “We believe our focus on apps, video gaming, and 3D technology, along with this partnership with Topica, point to a groundswell of momentum around 3D language learning.”

The partnership was introduced through Tim Doner, the world’s youngest hyperpolyglot who speaks over 20 languages. He is also the global brand ambassador for FluentWorlds.

About Fluentworlds

Fluentworlds is a privately held company that specializes in the delivery of flexible and sophisticated language programs via immersive 3D and virtual reality experiences that users can access via their mobile devices or desktop and engage with as if they were video games. The company’s proprietary speech recognition and accent reduction feature is revolutionizing language learning. See more on FluentWorlds and Perfect Pronunciation at www.FluentWorlds.com and through this short video: https://vimeo.com/203390395

About Topica

Topica Edtech Group is a leading online education provider in Southeast Asia. Topica Native provides online English speech tutoring courses in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, and was the first in the world to launch an Augmented Reality app for speech tutoring. Topica Edumall is the largest platform of short-skill courses in Thailand and Vietnam. An earlier Topica initiative was personally launched by the Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Topica employs 1,400 full-time staff and 2,000 instructors throughout Southeast Asia. For more information, visit www.topica.asia.


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