Utah Valley University Opens a New Public Speaking Lab to the Public Lab will start taking appointments immediately


Orem, UT-The Department of Communication at Utah Valley University (www.uvu.edu/comm) has announced that the Public Speaking Lab is now open to the general public. For a small fee, the lab will offer individuals in the local community the opportunity to enhance their presentation, organization, and delivery skills. The lab is outfitted with technology that allows practice with the use of presentation aids as well as video recording software that can live stream public speaking performances. In addition, the lab employs several highly trained public speaking mentors dedicated to assisting presenters achieve their personal and professional goals.

“The UVU Communication Department is committed to helping the community learn how to be more effective communicators. We have invested substantially in the lab in the hope that it can serve as resource for individuals interested in improving their speaking skill set, said Dr. Janet Colvin, Chair of the Department of Communication. Not only is the lab set up to analyze and review speeches and presentations, but we are also in the process of adding virtual practice opportunities. I am very happy with what we are currently doing with the lab, and I am confident that it will become a valuable asset to the public.”

The UVU Public Speaking Lab is equipped to provide assistance to residents in the community who are interested in improving their:

  • Verbal and non-verbal delivery skills. Speakers have the opportunity to practice their speech in a private and relaxed setting. Speeches can also be recorded, reviewed, and analyzed by trained Speech Mentors during personal speaking sessions.  
  • Organization and topic development abilities. Speech Mentors can assist individuals in refining the organization and structure of their presentation in an effort to realize their specific objectives.
  • Argumentation skills.  Speakers are taught techniques that have been empirically shown to increase the likelihood of persuading individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings.

  • Capability to reduce speaking anxiety and nervousness. Many people suffer from anxiety and nervousness before speaking to an audience. Speech Mentors will offer instructions and tips on how to better control and manage communication apprehension and speaking anxiety.

“We have seen the lab help our students, and I am excited to now extend such assistance to the community at-large, said Dr. Stevie Munz, Director of the Lab. “I know of no other place in the surrounding area that offers such an incredible opportunity. I am extremely proud to be a part of it.”

To learn more about the Utah Valley University Public Speaking Lab, please visit http://www.uvu.edu/comm/current_students/publicspeaking_lab.html


About the Utah Valley University Public Speaking Lab:

Housed in the Department of Communication at Utah Valley University, the UVU Public Speaking Lab offers students and the local community an opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction and feedback from trained Public Speaking Lab Mentors and communication faculty members. The goal of the UVU Public Speaking Lab is to help reduce public speaking anxiety, increase performance, and ultimately assist individuals in becoming stronger and more confident public speakers.   



Dr. Stevie Munz, Ph.D.

Department of Communication

Telephone: 801-863-5716

Email: Smunz@uvu.edu

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