2017 STEM Fair Judges Needed

The Provo City School District 2017 STEM Fair provides an opportunity for students in grades 5-12 to develop and practice problem solving and experimental design skills.  Each school within the district has selected projects to be presented at the district STEM fair.  These students are excited to share what they have learned and accomplished with members of the academic and professional communities.

We are asking for volunteers from these communities to help interview students and provide this opportunity for them to practice their communication skills.  These volunteers will also act as judges for student projects and provide scores based on standardized rubrics.  Volunteers will receive dinner, a certificate of appreciation, and a thank you gift for their time.
To register as a volunteer, please complete the form located at bit.ly/pcsd2017stem.

Because this event requires over 100 judges to run efficiently, we would sincerely appreciate your help in sharing this opportunity with your students, faculty, friends, business partners, and colleagues.  To help facilitate sharing this information, there is a printable flyer attached to this email that can be posted on community bulletin boards.  We are currently in need of at least 60 more judges for next week and would appreciate your willingness to forward this email and flyer to anyone that you feel may be able to help us recruit additional volunteers.
We are also looking to expand the number of special awards available to students who participate and would like to extend an invitation to any organizations or businesses interested in presenting a special award to contact Jennifer Remy (jenniferr@provo.edu) to make arrangements to do so.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  Thank you again for your continued help and support of Provo City School District students and programs.

Jennifer M. Rémy

STEM Coordinator – Provo City School District 
280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604



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