Utah County Solicits Community Input on Public Lands


PROVO –The State of Utah is requiring all counties in the state to develop a Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the public lands within their borders. Utah County would like to invite the public to take an online survey to provide input into the development of the county’s Resource Management Plan. The surveys can be accessed at the following link: http://utahcountyplan.org

To provide information, solicit comments and encourage citizen participation in the development of the county’s Resource Management Plan a Public Open House is scheduled for this Thursday, February 9, in the Commission Chambers of the Utah County Administration Building, located at 100 East Center Street, Suite 1400 in Provo.

The goal is for counties to have specific planning objectives that will allow local government to have a strong voice in resource planning processes for public lands such as those managed by federal and state agencies. In Utah County, the percentage of public lands within the county is 58 percent.

The same information that will be presented at the Open House is available on the website above.


For Additional Information Contact:


Mike Stansfield Utah County

Utah County Public Information



Utah County Community Development


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