UTAH (February, 2017) – Utah Business Magazine ranked thirty attorneys from Durham Jones & Pinegar on its 2017 Legal Elite list. Legal Elite honorees are selected by their peers in a statewide balloting process for attorneys who have been practicing for more than five years. Utah State Bar members were invited to participate by submitting a ballot of Utah lawyers they have observed and would recommend to others. Utah Business received thousands of votes and the 2017 winners have officially been selected. The full list will be published in the February edition of Utah Business Magazine.

Durham Jones & Pinegar attorneys listed in the 2017 Legal Elite rankings include:

*Denotes an Up & Coming Attorney



Kenneth L. Cannon

Penrod W. Keith

Steven J. McCardell


Civil Litigation

James D. Gilson

  1. Tayler Fox
  2. Blake Hamilton
  3. Ryan Pahnke

Bryan J. Pattison

David Tufts

Terry L. Wade

Peter H. Donaldson

Michael J. Thomas*

Jordan Cameron

Andrew V. Wright


Corporate Law & Transactions

Jeffrey M. Jones

Chris Anderson

David Angerbauer

Rick L. Guerisoli

  1. Todd Leishman

Joshua Little

Kevin R. Pinegar

Thomas Taylor

Continued –

Durham Jones & Pinegar Legal Elite

February, 2017


 Estate Planning

Gregory N. Barrick

Matthew F. Hafen*



Timothy M. Wheelwright


Intellectual Property

Clinton E. Duke


Labor and Employment

Richard M. Hymas

Matthew J. Orme*


Real Estate

Paul M. Durham



Mark L. Astling

John D. Walch




 About Durham Jones & Pinegar

Durham Jones & Pinegar is a leading law firm in Utah and Nevada. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the firm is relocating to the top two floors of 111 S. Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City in mid-February. With more than 90 attorneys, D|J|P offers a full spectrum of services in a variety of practice areas including: Business & Finance, Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy, Employment, Tax Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate and more.

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