Taking Therapy off the Couch and onto the Trail- Trailtalk

Trailtalk is taking therapy off the couch and onto the trail!  Busy, functional people need and deserve mental health tune ups as much as anyone, but often push that kind of self-care aside. Time constraints and the unfair stigma attributed to mental illness prevent many of us from seeking mental health care services.  Being proactive, and making your emotional health as important as your physical health lets you reach your full potential and become your authentic, true self. With Trailtalk, you can walk and talk your way to mental wellness. We also have an office at 363 N University Ave, Ste 112 in Provo if you prefer the traditional setting.

Trailtalk was founded in Park City, UT by Allison Page, MS, APRN in 2010.  In August of 2016, Megan Perry opened Trailtalk’s first affiliate in Provo, UT. Trailtalk makes emotional care accessible, approachable, and affordable. You can walk with a professionally trained therapist near your home or office before work, at lunch, or at the end of a long day. Trailtalk is mobile, fluid and open to your needs. Better emotional health starts one step at a time.

Recently, Trailtalk was nominated for Utah Valley’s “BEST OF” contest in Utah Valley Magazine.  To be nominated as one of the best counseling centers in Utah County was a great honor. You can vote for Trailtalk by going to this link: http://utahvalley360.com/2017/01/10/best-uv-2017-dentists-doctors/  once per email address.  Look for the category: “Counseling Centers” in the “Doctors and Dentists” category and click on Trailtalk.  Thank you for supporting Trailtalk by voting! 

If you are interested in learning more about Trailtalk or setting up an appointment, please contact Trailtalk at info@trailtalkpc.com or 4355132715 ext 8.  Happy Trails!


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