Utah Valley University Personal Financial Planning Students Sweep 2016 AFCPE® Financial Counseling Knowledge Bowl

OREM, UTAH – December 1, 2016 UVU Woodbury School of Business Personal Financial Planning captured first place in the second annual Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE®)  Knowledge Bowl.

UVU slayed the competition claiming 97.6 per cent of all points possible – the equivalent of a near clean sweep on an episode of Jeopardy.

The competition was started in 2015 with the objective being to provide an engaging and interactive format to promote the field of financial counseling to advance and expand the profession. The annual event engages university student in general financial counseling issues and expands awareness of the professional community and organizations that support the profession. The breakdown of the November 2016 competition is as follows:

UVU- 4,399 points

U of Hawaii- 100 points

Kansas State- 5 points

Utah State- 1 point

Texas Tech

Teams competed against each other in a game show-style competition during a two-day symposium in Louisville, Kentucky.  Questions presented were similar to those on the AFCPE®   exam. UVU had the most points at the end of the competition solidifying their first place position.  

The UVU PFP team consisted of Addison Taylor, Martha Tullis and Sterling Adams.

Professor Ryan Law in UVU’s Personal Financial Planning department lead both the 2015 and 2016 team, along with Dr. Craig Israelsen.


“We are grateful for Professor Law and Dr. Craig Israelsen’s efforts, as well as the support of administration,” says Dr. Jacob Sybrowsky, Associate Dean in the Woodbury School of Business.  “Most of all though, we are grateful for our wonderful students who conducted themselves with dignity and professionalism, solidifying why we are among the Top 5 rated Personal Financial Planning programs in the nation.”

Student teams were asked to respond the following financial counseling field question:

According to a recent study one in three 1 in 3 Americans are experiencing some level of financial stress, and one in four report they are “just getting by” financially. Likewise, 25% report being somewhat or much worse off financially compared to 5 years ago.

Financial counseling services are as important now as they have ever been to improve the financial well-being of individuals, regardless income level. However, for varying reasons, many individuals are slow to pursue financial counseling services. Some are not aware of the breadth of services available, while others either believe they cannot afford those services or think they would not be benefited by them.

What can be done to better demonstrate the value and benefit of financial counseling services to all income levels thereby increasing public engagement with financial counseling professionals?

AFCPE® ensures the highest integrity of the financial counseling profession by certifying, connecting and supporting diverse professionals. Their comprehensive certification programs represent the gold standard for financial counseling, coaching and education, including the AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) certification which is accredited by NCCA and nationally recognized by CFPB and DoD.  For more information, visit http://www.afcpe.org/

For more information on UVU Woodbury School of Business Personal Financial Planning Program visit http://www.uvu.edu/catalog/2014-2015/departments/finance-and-economics/personal-financial-planning-bs/


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