Michelle Kaufusi Announces Campaign Kickoff for Provo City Mayor

kickoffFormer President of the Provo Board of Education, and current member, Michelle Kaufusi announced Wednesday evening at the Provo City Recreation Center her official campaign kick-off as she runs for Mayor of Provo Utah, 2017. Over 300 supporters attended attended the kick-off event.

Born and raised in Provo, Kaufusi said that she loves this city and all it’s people.

“Provo is full of talented, capable citizens — you, my neighbors,” she said. “I’m honored to rub shoulders with you. And if you’ll give me the privilege of being your Mayor, I pledge to give my all to serving you in that capacity.”

Kaufusi said there are three words that define her campaign — experienced, trusted and invested.

Kaufusi’s experience, in addition to serving on the Provo School Board, includes her role on the Board of Trustees of the Utah High School Athletic Association, as well as committees ranging from the Citizen’s Advisory Board for Provo City to the community councils for Rock Canyon Elementary and Timpview High School. Kaufusi also serves on the steering committee for Utah Valley Hospital’s replacement project.

Kaufusi has the trust of many members of the community. Her peers elected her as the President of the School Board. She has a reputation of gaining trust of stakeholders. Stephen and Jeri Covey of Provo said “We’ve known Michelle Kaufusi for over 15 years. We appreciate her sincere and genuine concern for our community. We admire her work ethic, enthusiasm, and optimism. We are impressed with how she models continuous improvement and lifelong learning. We think her humility is an asset – allowing her to listen to input and advice as well as enabling her to work with those who may not agree with her positions. She is a wonderful person, friend and leader.”

“We need high quality jobs now and into the future. I am invested in our future,” Kaufusi said. “When Provo businesses succeed, we all succeed. We need to maintain a vibrant economy in Provo and ensure that businesses stay in Provo. With the population growth anticipated in Provo, we need to ensure we’ll always have quality jobs here–for us and for our children and grandchildren. As mayor, I’ll work diligently to minimize regulations on business. In my first 100 days, I’ll create an Economic Development Taskforce comprised of business leaders and small business owners to review regulations and make recommendations aimed at helping Provo’s business community thrive.”

As far as her run for Mayor, Kaufusi said, “We’re in forward momentum. I’m proud of support from throughout the community. This is a community effort, that is why we held a kick off at the community room of the Provo Rec Center. Together we are stronger and bring a variety of experiences to the discussion.”

She is concerned about the economy and retail business in Provo, public safety and community engagement, among other important issues. 

If Kaufusi were to win next November, she would be the first female mayor of Provo. That said, she is very clear that being qualified to be a full-time Mayor is more important than gender.

“It would be significant, but I hope I’m elected on my qualifications,” Kaufusi said. “It’s not about gender but how qualified you are.”

She is excited about the forward momentum Provo has she intends to keep Provo moving forward. 

Kaufusi’s supporters cite her experience as one of her greatest assets.

Provo Superintendent Keith C. Rittell praised Kaufusi’s leadership.

“It has been my good fortune to work with Michelle for more than four years,” Rittell said. “I have known her to be courageous and very dedicated to getting things right. She is willing to listen and provide answers to all people on a wide variety of issues. She maintains civility even in times of disagreement. I have seen her study issues in depth to be prepared to make the very best decisions possible.”

Kaufusi and husband Steve Kaufusi are the parents of five children and a daughter-in- law.

More information is available about her and her candidacy at michelle4mayor.com.

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