Former Provo City Councilwoman Sherrie Hall Everett Announces Candidacy for Provo Mayor

Sherrie Hall Everett, former Provo City Councilwoman (2008-2012), Vice-Chair of the Provo Municipal Council and former Chair of the Redevelopment Agency of Provo, will announce her candidacy for Provo Mayor at a campaign kick-off event at 6:30pm Monday, January 23 at Oregano Italian Kitchen, at 223 W Center Street in Provo.

“In my public and board service I’ve benefitted from observing many different in leadership styles. – I especially am a fan of Mayor Curtis’s empowering and inviting style,” said Hall Everett. “I intend to lead Provo with that same kind of focus and contribute my experience to help create good outcomes for the city. We need to lean into our challenges as a city and find solutions that allow us to grow gracefully, while maintaining economic momentum and our wonderful quality of life.”

Hall Everett served on the Provo Municipal Council for four years, with responsibilities ranging from Vice-Chair of the Council, Chair of the Redevelopment Agency, Chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, and a member of the Economic Development Committee. She is currently one of two appointees from Utah County serving on the UTA Board of Trustees and is serving as the Co-Vice Chair of the Board. She has been instrumental in shaping and forming better Board governance practices, particularly enhancing transparency and communication.

“Transparency and communication are hugely important in governance. I can point to multiple times over the last 12 years that I’ve pushed for and improved government transparency. Are we done yet? I don’t think so. I still think I have some great ideas to help Provo City take the next steps to help citizens have greater information and context so that they can participate in shaping our community even more,” said Hall Everett.

Hall Everett also serves on Mountainland Association of Governments with the County Commissioners and Mayors within Utah County. This regional planning organization is responsible for prioritizing transportation projects including roads, transit, biking trails and pedestrian ways throughout the region. With the high projected growth coming to the area, how we grow is essential to maintaining and enhancing our city.

“I consider Sherrie to be one of the few people who will diligently act in Provo’s best interest and then gets out of the way,” said Bryant Livingston, Provo resident. “In my experience, she always takes the time to diligently seek out the information under the fluff and headline. She always fills me in on the complicated questions without bias or slant.”

“I have witnessed Sherrie make difficult decisions with clarity of purpose. Most importantly, she is always sincere and open, resulting in trust and respect from colleagues and the public with whom she works,” said Ben Markham, former Chairman of the Provo City Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee (TMAC) “When needed, she is willing to make difficult decisions for the benefit of Provo citizens’ majority while maintaining cordial relations with a sometimes vocal minority.”

Cynthia Dayton, former Provo Council Chair served with Hall Everett on her leadership team. She states, “Sherrie utilizes her listening skills to incorporate and include a diversity of voices for an end result of the whole being better than the one. She is a team builder. She’s leads with effortless ability and allows others equal momentum. She will make an exceptional mayor.”

Professionally, Hall Everett is the founder of Creative Stream, Inc., a full-service marketing agency that began as a “Mom with a Mac” in 1998. She now designs and executes highly effective marketing programs for clients in the healthcare, media, technology, homebuilding, political and issues marketing worlds, including Mia Love’s historic and victorious 2014 election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Learn more about Sherrie Hall Everett, her history of service to Provo City, and her vision for Provo at and follow @SherrieHallEverettProvo on Facebook.


Sherrie Hall Everett

1428 North 2630 West

Provo, UT 84601


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