Recently, a dear friend of mine had a major accident. I’m writing today to tell you a little bit about Heath, his family, and to ask if you would be willing to help them out in their time of need. Heath is an officer for Provo City Police Department. He has worked on the SWAT Team as a breacher and entry-man, he currently works as a patrolman, he is a Drug Recognition Expert for the department and most recently has been working as a Field Training Officer passing along valuable skills and habits to the newest officers that Provo PD hires.

He is the embodiment of hard work, protecting citizens and saving lives on a daily basis. While on family vacation, Heath and his three sons were playing up in the mountains of Arizona. Heath began to slip down an incline and decided to jump to a sandy embankment, rather than risk tumbling down. When he jumped, he landed in the sand where his feet stuck while his body continued to fall forward. At the moment of impact, both knees buckled and Heath heard two very audible pops from each leg.

This jump resulted in Heath tearing not only one, but both of his quadriceps. To repair this injury, Heath went through a several hours long surgery to reattach the muscles & tendons in both legs leaving it hard for him to get around. He currently has limited mobility with the help of two leg braces and crutches. The conservative estimate for his recovery is six months.

Having a major medical claim this late in the year, and knowing that the rehabilitation for Heath to return to normal function will take well into next year, the family is looking at the struggle of meeting their deductibles twice, once for this year, and then again in the beginning of next year for Heath’s rehabilitation & physical therapy.

The family isn’t asking for anything, but we are looking to help ease their burdens. Any contribution is appreciated and will go to help the Palmers as they move forward helping Heath heal and return to work protecting and serving the citizens of Provo. Thank you for your time and consideration.


If you would like to donate please contact

Adam Wakeland 801-647-4175

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