Second Annual Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs to Live and Work Released by College and Careers Website,

Nearly 400 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) were evaluated on networking potential, business climate, educational values, and economic health for women looking to launch a business.

Fort Mill, S.C., September 21, 2016 ­ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Data analysts from released the second annual 2016 Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs report. The report was launched in light of American Business Women’s Day (9/22), a nationally recognized holiday that honors American business women and women business owners across the country.

A total of 383 MSAs were ranked on four criteria to determine which areas are best overall for women entrepreneurs:

  • Networking Potential – Score assigned to each MSA based on the number of small business owners in each area per capita
  • Business Climate – Density of women­-owned businesses in each area, calculated as the number of women­owned businesses as a percentage of all businesses in that area
  • Educational Values ­- Difference between male and female educational attainment in each area
  • Economic Health­ – The current change in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) year over year and the current unemployment rate in each area

Data sources included the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent Survey of Business Owners to evaluate the networking potential (10% of the total score) and business climate (25%), and the bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey to weigh differences in male and female educational attainment (30%). Economic health information (35%) for the cities came from two sources ­ year­over­year change in an MSAs Gross Domestic Product from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the current unemployment rate from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey’s 5­-year estimates.

“Women-­owned businesses continue to see growth and prosperity around the U.S.,” says GoodCall analyst Claire Etheridge. “Several factors boosted the top 100 places, including robust educational values for women, a thriving post­recession economy and, of course, a high density of female business owners. Taken together, those factors elevated these locations above many other places in the country.”

The report also features comments from successful women entrepreneurs around the country revealing what they love about owning a business in their city and the resources they’ve called on for success.

The full report can be found here:

2016 Best Places for Hispanic Entrepreneurs.

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