Park City, Utah (October 4, 2016) – Gift giving options for consoling friends who have just gotten bad news are about to get a lot better. Uplift Gift, a company started by a breast cancer survivor, launched today tied to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and each gift ordered will give a boost to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“The gift boxes we will be offering at our launch,” explains Kirsten Fox, founder and CEO of Uplift Gift, “include items that personally were meaningful for me when I was going through the trauma of diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. These are similar to packages my friends brought to me.”

The gorgeously wrapped gifts include a soft scarf to use in chilly hospital waiting rooms, hand-crafted chocolates, gourmet tea and sipping cocoa, essential oils and, optionally, red or white wine.

Fox says, “I am a sommelier so wine is a comfort food for me, a tool to use to connect with the earth, the food I’m eating, and most importantly, my friends and family surrounding me.”

Many of Uplift Gift’s suppliers are small business owners, some of whom have also been touched by breast cancer.

“Phyllis Robinson, our chocolatier and owner of Tandem Chocolates, grew up with a mother who dipped chocolate in their kitchen while battling breast cancer. Twice,” says Fox. “The custom-designed art on our greeting cards came from the hand of Amy Chin at Sassypants Designs, a breast cancer survivor herself.”

Fox continues, “One of the reasons I created this company is that after my own breast cancer experience, I began receiving calls, emails, texts from friends who needed suggestions as to what to send newly diagnosed friends. They were struggling with what was appropriate and comforting.”

Along with covering medical challenges, Uplift Gift also has gift boxes for divorce, pet loss, and death of a loved one.

For its first three months, Uplift Gift will be giving 5% back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer.

Uplift Gift, a company located in Park City, Utah, provides meaningful gifts to support friendship, especially during challenging times. For more information, visit

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