Human Resources Management Program Now Available at UVU Woodbury School of Business 

OREM, UTAH, September 1, 2016 — Not every business career affords students with exciting and ever-changing work opportunities, as well as the chance to contribute to the lives of potentially thousands of people in small, mid-sized and large companies.

But, this fall, Woodbury business students have that unique chance by enrolling in an engaged learning Human Resources Management B.S. program within the Woodbury School of Business. The program is designed to equip students with a comprehensive set of skills, and the knowledge base to become impactful business partners in local and regional businesses through a career in human resources.

USA Today has identified Human Resources (HR) generalists as the sixth fastest growing profession in the United States, which means demand is high for organizational contributors to become valuable business partners who can impact the bottom line of their employers and hit the ground running.

“Our students will have practical experiences in the HR field coming out of our program and won’t just be book-smart,” says Dr. Bernd Kupka, associate professor of management for the Woodbury School of Business. “They will be educated, skilled, and informed business people who will help employers make the right HR decisions to enhance their business results.”

Woodbury HR students will gain a competitive advantage in the job market through the practical acquisition of knowledge, skills, and professional connections in the HR field. They’ll work side-by-side with companies like 1-800 Contacts, the Sundance Resort, doTERRA and the Workers Compensation Fund, learning everything from analyzing current procedures, critically evaluating current industry standards to eventually offering innovative ideas to clients.

“Our faculty is rich in practioner experiences in a number of countries across various continents,” Dr. Jon Westover associate professor of organizational leadership and director, academic service learning. “We offer a new approach to teaching, supporting our students with a clear success orientation and providing plenty of opportunity to test themselves on their journey to becoming a well-prepared professional.”

The HR track begins with an Introduction to HR course, followed by Organizational Development, Training and Development, Total Compensation and Strategic Staffing and Performance Evaluation and Human Resource Information Systems.

Business student Chase Hart says “My time at Woodbury has impacted my personal and professional life tremendously. By actively participating in the SHRM Student Chapter I made lifelong friends, competed in case competitions throughout the nation, met HR professionals and found out Human Resources was the career for me.

The UVU Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has created a fertile environment for professional networking, career development, internship opportunities, and job prospects. Energetic leaders who are willing to apply themselves, learn from the best in Utah and beyond, network extensively, and offer support to our Utah communities through outreach programs and will benefit tremendously from working in our SHRM chapter.

Student Hart goes on to say “The business, human resources and communication professors really care about their students applying what they learn. Don’t be afraid about joining the “wrong” club. Just get involved and gain leadership experience in areas you’re passionate about.”

As is true throughout every program in the Woodbury School of Business, students should always look to to professors and academic advisers for opportunities to learn through internships and networking. “Learning by Doing is our motto, and letting students experience first-hand whether HR is the right career field for you is our goal,” says Westover. “We want to help students find a rewarding, fulfilling, enjoyable, and prosperous career.”

For more information on the new HR Management program visit

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