Women Tech Council names UVU college as ‘Visionary Partner’

The Women Tech Council named Utah Valley University’s College of Technology & Computing a Visionary Partner for its work in preparing students for successful careers or advanced study in a dynamic, technology-based, global environment. The partnerships enable opportunities, visibility, mentoring and networking for women in technology.

The beginnings of the partnership started three years ago, said Michael Savoie, dean of the college, when the University began its SheTech Explorer Day. The daylong event is designed to introduce high school girls to technology in a fun atmosphere and provide role models to teach more about opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“This partnership is the outgrowth of the work we’ve been doing for the past three years,” Savoie said. “We’re excited to be part of what the Women Tech Council is doing and to be one of the founding members. We’re working closely with the council to take what we’ve done with SheTech and expand it into a broader program across the state and even to a national level.”

Savoie noted that the University’s SheTech program is innovative, and the University is looking at developing summer camps, additional one-day events, and other activities that will continue to push STEM information and exposure in high schools. “We’re not just a state leader,” Savoie said. “We’re a national leader in the involvement of women in technology and these types of programs. There are tremendous opportunities right now for women to be involved. Companies are looking for women; they want and need the diversity, and what we are working to accomplish as partners with the Women Tech Council is a huge win-win for everyone.”

The Women Tech Council has always focused on the impact women have on the technology economy, said Cydni Tetro, president and founder of WTC and CEO of 3DplusMe. “The support for that focus is demonstrated by our list of partners. We bring companies and individuals, men and women, together to change cultures, increase retention, expand the pipeline and have impact.”

The Women Tech Council was created nine years ago to build a community of collaboration and performance around women in tech. Headquartered in Utah, where more than 5,000 tech companies are located, the Women Tech Council has a community of more than 10,000 that work together for this cause.

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