UVU Adds 5 New Master’s Degrees

UVU-Mag-Collection056-tonedIn order to meet regional needs of growing industries and advanced degree-seeking students, Utah Valley University recently created the Office of Graduate Studies and formally formed a Graduate Council. With that framework in place, the Utah Valley University Board of Trustees announced today, March 30, that UVU plans to offer five new master’s degree programs, potentially bringing the total offered at the institution to eight.

The new graduate degrees, set to begin in fall 2017, consist of Master of Computer Science; Master of Public Service; Master of Social Work; Master of Accountancy; and Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Each of these degrees is pending approval of the Utah State Board of Regents and the accreditation of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

“Today’s announcement marks the culmination of a major effort to expand the range of, and give institutional support to, graduate education at UVU. This is a monumental step forward for the University,” said President Matthew S. Holland. “By design, these five programs respond to some of the area’s most pressing needs in business and the social sector. The new student opportunities this creates for learning and employment are just outstanding.”

University officials anticipate a high demand for these master’s programs, especially computer science. With the current high emphasis on STEM areas, this program allows UVU to meet the needs of both students and regional businesses.

“UVU takes its mission to meet the educational needs of our service area seriously,” said Jeff Olson, senior vice president for academic affairs. “We have carefully reviewed those needs and identified five programs that build on present strengths to address a variety of them. Other programs will be proposed in the future to address important remaining needs.”

In preparation for offering more graduate degrees, UVU established an Office of Graduate Studies, directed by Jim Bailey, and Graduate Council, as well as creating and revising policies and procedures governing approval of programs.

Bailey previously planned a master of professional accountancy program at one university and developed a master of business administration program at another university. As head of a business school, he oversaw a master’s program at a third university. He has also served on graduate councils at two different universities.

“The graduate studies office provides assistance and feedback to faculty and deans for the development of new graduate programs to ensure quality of the programs, course offerings and graduate faculty,” Bailey said.

The Graduate Council consists of graduate faculty from each college in the University. It has oversight responsibility of graduate programs and graduate faculty. The Graduate Council approves all new graduate programs as part of the University curriculum process. It also approves appointments of the graduate faculty to teach in graduate programs.

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