Your Pillars of the Valley 2016

UVCofC Pillar-GlenRicks-5187The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce ( has selected the Woodbury family of Woodbury Corporation, and the late Becky Lockhart, former Speaker of the House for the Utah House of Representatives, as its Pillar of the Valley Award recipients for 2016. They will be honored March 24 at the sixth annual gala to be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center.

-Utah Governor Gary Herbert, and Matt Holland, president of Utah Valley University, will be guest speakers-

The Pillar of the Valley Award was created in 2011 to honor an individual or individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the business, civic, social, educational, and cultural climate of Utah Valley. The gala is one of the premier social events in Utah Valley, attracting many key Utah business, civic and church leaders.

“The contributions made to our Valley by the Woodbury family and Becky Lockhart will have lasting influence on many generations to come,” said Rona Rahlf, president and CEO of Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce. “We as a people are blessed by their work and legacy. We are pleased to honor them as Pillars of the Valley.”

The Woodbury Family

The Woodbury family is most commonly known for their full-service real estate development and management company, the Woodbury Corporation. They specialize in real estate management, development, architecture, consulting, and brokerage. Woodbury Corporation owns and manages a diverse portfolio, including hotels, office spaces, industrial, retail centers and more.

F. Orin Woodbury founded the Woodbury Corporation in 1919, making it one of the oldest full-service real estate companies in the Intermountain West. F. Orin dedicated his time to establishing a well-rounded portfolio of properties in prime locations, with a reputation of honesty, hard work and integrity. This strategy, and the commitment to improve communities where they do business, has continued over the years.

Orin’s two sons, Wallace R. and Orin R. eventually took over the family business. Wallace has since passed, but Orin R., who is in his 90’s, still goes into the office everyday. When asked to describe the Woodbury Corporation, Orin R. said, “It’s family; Family tradition, family love and association, and the harmony of watching the family work together.”

Woodbury Corp is now led by the third generation of Woodburys: W. Richards, O. Randall, Lynn S., Jeffrey K., and Guy R., with Orin R. residing as Chairman of the Board.
Becky Lockhart

Becky Lockhart took a seat in the Utah House of Representatives in 1998, and was later elected as Speaker of the house in 2010. She served with the house for 16 years, before her retirement in 2014. Utah Senator Curt Bramble referred to Becky as “Utah’s Iron Lady,” and noted her “consensus-building” style in the House. During her tenure in the Utah House of Representatives, Becky pushed for greater education funding, transportation improvement projects, and economic development across the state. House Speaker Greg Hughes described her as having an “unwavering commitment” to furthering the growth and success of the Utah economy.

Lockhart became the first woman to hold the office of Speaker of the House. Through both word and deed, Becky served as a role model to women of confidence, devotion, and public service. Becky spoke boldly to women and encouraged them to use their “real voice…until we make it normal for women to be heard.” Doing so, she said, might come at a price—but it was a price she was willing to pay.

Lockhart passed away in January 2015 due to a rare neurological disease.

Tickets for the gala may be purchased at the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce office by calling 801-851-2555 or at

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