IMG_9508-w2435Sherrie Hall Everett is the founder of Creative Stream Inc., a full-service video marketing company in Provo, Utah. Sherrie has designed and executed highly effective marketing strategies for business, healthcare, media, technology, non-profit and issues oriented marketing. Today Sherrie spoke to the WBN about her journey with marketing and media. We learned three major lessons from Sherrie about navigating the business and marketing worlds:

1. Develop a “full circle experience” view.

During your marketing journey, you may have moments when you question how what you are currently doing plays a part in the bigger picture. How does this event, this task, this project propel you toward your company’s long-term goals? Sometimes we may feel like our current efforts are miniscule and insignificant. But, Sherrie encouraged, we all have to start somewhere. We all go through the baby steps before taking the big leaps and bounds.

Sherrie said she started her marketing career as a “mom with a mac,” making “atrocious” designs in her own living room. The work she produced and methods she used years ago are laughable to her now, but they provided a starting point for growth and learning. Sometimes we need those less-than-glamorous days to build upon. Sherrie advised to take small steps and make small efforts at first. As time goes on, you will notice patterns, gain insights, and learn what works best. As you are able to view your current situation with a “full circle experience” view, you will be able to gain the most from your marketing journey.

2. Brand is more than a logo; it’s a “culture strategy.”

As Sherrie has worked with her own company and consulted many others, she has noticed that people seem to think that a brand is simply the logo. But, she said, this falls short of all that a powerful and influential brand can be. A logo is important, and a good logo is key; however, brand must sink deeper into the company to be viable and beneficial.

Sherrie commented that a strong brand must have a “culture strategy” to match. The environment, values, and atmosphere of the company create and shape the brand. Sherrie emphasized the importance of making sure all customer “touch points” with your brand are cohesive.

In 2014, Sherrie directed Mia Love’s print and online strategy and media and focused on helping Mia create a solid, consistent brand for herself. Sherrie asked Mia what was most important to her in creating the brand. Mia’s response was, “I will not go negative.” From that moment forward, Sherrie used this key position as a brand strategy for all of the marketing they produced.

Sit down with your team and determine what your brand is all about. What values does your company cling to? What words describe the culture and environment of your office? Do your customers experience these values and cultural cues in a cohesive way? Evaluate the message you are sending out into the community through all of your channels. When you have defined your brand, cling to it and integrate it into everything you do.

3. There is a difference between “value” and “viral.”

We live in a world where everyone wants to go “viral.” It is the dream of companies, aspiring musicians, artists, and comedians alike to create something that gains media attention and millions of views. However, Sherrie stated bluntly, your chances of “going viral” are very slim. Instead, focus on creating value.

Sherrie worked with a female doctor, Dr. Menon, in South Utah County to create a message of value. Dr. Menon had planned to send out 5,000 marketing postcards to local residents. Instead, Sherrie helped Dr. Menon to create a short video clip that conveyed a specific, targeted message. Dr. Menon was portrayed as the “teenage girl-ologist”.

By creating a directly targeted message and strategically positioning this video on social channels, the doctor’s office gained more attention than they expected. Instead of 5,000 postcards, seen for just a few seconds, the video gained over 24,000 views.

Create valuable content by strategizing a targeted message, telling a story, and invoking a specific emotion. This is the power of strategic video marketing—when done right, video “can gain 5 times the eyes of traditional marketing.”

To learn more about Sherrie and Creative Stream, Inc., visit their website.

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